Debra & David Celebration Of Love

Saturday October 7th 2017

It was a rainy morning driving to the location of this Commitment ceremony. The rain seemed to slow down a bit.

We walked the park to see where the best location would be to stand and have Debra come in and where David should stand.

As time went on and closer to the Debra’s arrival, the sun started to come out.  Wow great timing. She brought the sunshine.

I could feel the nervousness a little bit coming off David, I whispered you will do awesome , just listen to my voice.

Debra came and we started, words and intention are powerful.  As I spoke that day I could feel the power in the words I spoke and they repeated. At some points my whole body tingled with the love I felt they had for each other.

I felt such humbleness that I was asked to share that moment with them and to unite them in Partners for Life.

I AM A Weaver of Love



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